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Hi everyone~

Recently I won a gift coupon of $10 from Sasa and i used it to purchase Tsubasa's Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner which i can't wait to arrive in the mail ^^ that i will of course review on.

Today i will be reviewing Prestige Anti-Aging Lipstick that i received as a gift~


Review: Prestige Anti-Aging Lipstick in Pink Diamond




-Instantly re-defines the contours of the lips for a younger looking pout
-Prestige Lip Boost complex revitalizes lips making them softer, fuller, and healthier looking even after the color is removed

-Helps prevent premature lines and wrinkles in the lip area with continued use







LCL-01 Pink Diamond


No Flash~


Flash                                                     No Flash

You can see the millions of tiny shimmers~  So Sparkly~~ $_$



fas 005 

Once again ignore my plain face... i didn't have time to put on makeup!

Just look at the lip colour :P

fas 006

Meow meow~

Overall: 8/10 I had no idea this was an anti-aging lipstick until i looked it up~ The colour is a nice frosty medium pink with millions of tiny sparkles and shimmers to brighten up your lips. The texture goes on nice and smooth but it isn't for long wearing so you have to constantly re-apply this lipstick. The lipstick is not moisturising nor dry and i've only used it several times so i'm not too sure if this actually prevents premature lines and wrinkles like what it is described to do. In my opinion, i think you should buy this lipstick for its colour and not for its ability to help prevent 'anti-aging'.


Riame xx

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