Princess Mimi Almond Brown

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Hey guys! I haven't done a review on contact/circle lens in AGES. I still haven't reviewed my Max Pure Brown and Almond Brown lens so finally I have photos of my Almond Browns that i took overseas. I always buy my lens from incase you were wondering, they are reliable although the lens prices seem to be slightly more expensive than other websites.

Review: Bambi Almond Brown or Princess Mimi Almond Brown (both the same thing)

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

Designed by no one other than Tsubasa~! She's so cute :]]


Comfort: 8.5/10 Way better then i expected since these are by GEO which in my opinion have the least comfortable lens. I've worn these for up to 8 hrs and I'm quite happy with the comfort although a few eyedrops here and there are necessary if your eyes dry up quickly.


Colour: 7/10 These lens don't have much colour apart from the small amount of brown visible.


Naturalness: 7.5/10 These lens aren't THAT natural since the thick black rim around the lens make it look abit fake but it isn't too bad compared to black lens so you don't look possessed. It gives off a more natural 'dolly' look which many girls prefer including myself, i don't like to look too fake although sometimes it can be fun.


Enlargement: 7.5/10 Good enlargement which isn't freaky looking.


Overall: 8.5/10 These lens are great! I really like them. Probably my favourite pair of GEO lens and it looks great with simple eyeliner without being over the top.



Usually I always have three photos but i only took two when i was overseas so sorry guys! Left one is without flash.


This is without flash in my grandparent's room ><


And this one IS with flash~

Riame xx

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Reebz 10/24/2013 05:59

Woww these big eye contact lenses look stunningly natural on your eyes. so well blending

Riame 10/24/2013 15:16

Thank you for the lovely comment! 

cayumi 09/25/2013 17:35

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Michelle 06/13/2012 13:35

From where have you buy the lenses? I am in Europe and have find this shop
I know from people they have purchased in lenscolors and there was satisfied but I will know your opinion or if someone in Europe have purchased in lenscolors.

Riame 06/14/2012 04:32

I buy my lenses from which is located in Malaysia and they do international shipping! I have never purchased from any other
website except pinkyparadise and a shop based in Australia since i don't live in Europe. You can search on google for more reviews on lenscolors since i'm sure many people have purchased from
that site. :] Riame