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Hey guys! I'm done with exams and ready to blog! During my exams, i did alot of online shopping since i was always stuck at home. It's a bad habit..but i couldn't help myself. Thank gosh i've slowed down and haven't bought anything...for a week now? :] Anyways these are just some of the recent things i've bought this month! Links will be provided as well (if they are still available).


Totoro Onesie from EBAY


I won't link this since you can search on ebay and there's TONS of people that sell it, so you can just choose whichever one you like. I searched 'adult onesies'.

I got M-L since apparently onesies from ebay are small to size and i'm only 161cm. S-M should be able to fit too but i prefer onesies to be loose rather than tight. It's really soft and warm but on the thin side. I got mine for around $23 but i think there would be cheaper ones if you can find it.


ASOS Longline V Neck Cami in White


So i really wanted a simple basic cami and ASOS has heaps of those which led me to buy this cami in white. I bought it in size 8 UK/AUS and it was huge on me! It looks okay in the photo because i used fashion tape to position the cami so the neckline wouldn't droop down. It's also see-through. I had no idea since in the video and photos, it wasn't see through but as you can see's DEFINITELY see-through. I should have returned it but i forgot to so now i'm stuck with it. I think it's wearable....if i tape it in certain areas and wear a nice bra...but it can either look 'sexy' or 'cheap' so it really depends on what i wear. I'll play around with it...and hopefully something works out.


Link: ASOS Cami


Dorothy Perkins Block Heel Sandals in Tan and Black Clean


I've heard mixed reviews on Dororthy Perkins. They are sort of a lucky dip kind of website. I really liked these sandal heels though as they are not too high so i decided to buy them. Their shoe sizing is weird since it says UK 3 is AU 6 while on other websites UK 4 is AU 6 so i had no idea what to buy. So i ended up buying one of each and the UK 3 fit better so i'm guessing it's just Dorothy Perkin sizing? Because i'm UK 4 on other websites like ASOS. Anyways the quality of the shoes were okay however the black and white ones were already damaged! They had scratches at the back and it just did not look new. The leopard ones were in good condition though so i'm reall disappointed as it looks like i already damaged my new shoes. They are also pretty visible sadly. In terms of if i'll purchase from them again, i guess it really depends on the situtation and if i really like something or not otherwise probably won't be buying from Dorothy Perkins.


Sold out/Unavailable on the site


ASOS Spirit Heels in Black


These are really nice however are alittle big so i need to line it with shoe liners? I don't know what they are called...but the squishy shoe mats that you put at the bottom of your shoe to stop you from slipping or to make it softer. Anyways the straps are also abit of a hassle because they are either too tight or too loose but apart from that, the shoes are really pretty! I love the appearance of it and comfort isn't that great but oh wells! At least they aren't too high.


Link: Shoes


Little Party Dress Tricky Pink Cowl Dress


I really wanted a dress that shows some back cleavage and i thought this dress was quite cute as the front is covered but the back is showing. I went with the pink as i already had a few black dresses but i found out the bodycon was abit TOO bodycon and it showed...the shape of my bum.....alittle TOO clearly and also because the colour was light. The arm holes were also way too big so i had to tape/sew them but then it ended up looking alittle funny. It also had a few stains on the inside at the back which i only noticed afterwards. The website has heaps of cute dresses and i would definitely buy from them again however i guess this dress just didn't really suit me or my body type.


Link: Dress


Riame xx

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Andrea 01/02/2014 10:49

Dear Riame,

Coincidentally I found your blog as I was looking for the review of the Asos heels. I you would like to buy them since the price is currently extremely low, but I'm not sure about the length. My
foot is rather narrow, I wear mostly UK 5.5 or UK 6, and I am sure which size should I order here. Are Asos heels (the insole) rather longer or true to size?

Thanks for your reply, and sorry to bother you.
Wish you a happy New Year!:-) 
Best Regards,
Andrea from Croatia

Riame 01/02/2014 11:06

Hi there,

It's abit longer so not exactly true to size. So it is slightly bigger but since the front is pointy, my foot doesn't go to that area which i'm sort of glad it doesn't. Maybe your feet would be
abit too squished if you get UK 5 but you can always stuff something at the front of UK 6.

Riame xx 

Elaine 10/10/2013 01:53

Okay! Thanks so much for your help!

Elaine 10/08/2013 13:26

One last thing, sorry to bother you, so they still hurt with shoe cushions in?

Riame 10/09/2013 10:39

the shoe cushions are more there to give another layer of cushioning since there is no platform on the shoes and it also helps so that your foot doesn't slide around. Yes your feet will still
hurt but it's not the soles of your feet, it's more the sides and toes since that's where everything is squashed together at the pointy area. 

Elaine 10/08/2013 13:19

Thanks for the quick reply!
Sounds like they rub your toes a lot, do they?
Also, if they're a little loose, would you recommend sizing down, or just using shoe cushions?

Riame 10/09/2013 10:36

They don't rub your toes, it's more like since they're narrow...your toes get squished. If you have narrow feet, i think it won't feel as uncomfortable but my feet are somewhat wide so after a
few hours, my feet feel squashed. Noo i don't recommend sizing down, otherwise the front part will definitely give your feet blisters, since they're loose...i have more space and the strap will
hold the shoe in place so you can walk properly and everything. 

Elaine 10/08/2013 11:17

I wanted to get the asos spirit heels, and I was wondering if I could get a more indepth review of them.

I dont normally wear heels, so I don't want to get them if they're really uncomfortable.

Riame 10/08/2013 13:00

Heyy! Sure thing...did you want me to make a post? or i can just comment here for you.

So basically quality is okay for the price and it looks really nice. In terms of comfort, it's okay but if you wear it for a long time....since the front is pointy...your toes start hurting...
and it's abit loose for me so i put in shoe cushions. Also shoes without platforms tend to be more painful as it's so close to the ground. I wore them once and my feet hurt after a couple of
hours but i think if i wear bandages on my toes and the sides of my'll be okay. But honestly i think most shoes that are pointy and don't have platforms like the spirit heels will be
uncomfortable. Hope that helped!