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Hey guys~!

I'm so excited to have my first giveaway to celebrate my blog and my finishing of high school~! The giveaway will run for a month and abit until 5th Nov 5:00pm EST. Giveaway is open to EVERYONE so international people can also enter~! Must be 15 years or over to enter unless you have permission from a parent/guardian. CLICK HERE to enter my giveaway! Please do not post your entry in the comments as they will not be counted. Good luck everyone~! :]]


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give 002

Prizes include:

-Koji Spring Heart Long Lasting Eyeliner

-Pantene Frizz Defence Serum

-Noyl Eyelash Extension

-My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Mask x1

-FaceQ Luffa and Adlay Mask x1

-BeautyMate Kochi Honey Melon Nano Mask x1

-Kracie Hadabisei Clear White Whitening Mask x1

I also have a surprise giveaway after this that everyone who entered will be automatically in the draw for.


schools 015

Koji Spring Heart Eyeliner

schools 014

Noyl False Eyelashes


Sheet Masks x4

Pantene Anti-Frizz Serum


Riame xx

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