Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner

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Hey guys~

Back with the review of Rimmel Liquid eyeliner~ Time is ticking past so fast...tick tock tick tock...Anyways back on track~ I hope you guys can understand that i won't be posting as much until after my exams which will be in November and then i'll be blogging everyday hohoho well...not everyday but more frequently with lots of goodies to review and i need to start making tutorials~! Yayy ^^.

Review: Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in 100% Black

Exaggerate Eye Liner creates a bold, precision contour around the lash line.

-Long lasting

-Easy to use liquid liner for an intense result


Good Part:

♥ Dries quickly

♥ Easy to apply

♥ Easy to remove

♥ Does not really smudge

Bad Part:

♡ Comes off with just water

♡ Bad and unsmooth applicator/brush


 Weird and uneven brush~


 001 100% Black


You can see it smudges slightly after rubbing it and it nearly completely disappears after it gets in contact with water.

unsw 025

I'm wearing Lioele pencil eyeliner and on top of it, the liquid eyeliner so just incase when i need eyedrops, some of the liner is left with the two different kinds on top of each other.




Me being silly with my star lollipop :]

Overall: 8.5/10 Personally, i quite like this eyeliner because it's easy to apply and it's easy to remove. It also stays on most of the time with a minimal of smudging until the end of the day. The bad thing about this liner is the brush and how it's abit hard to apply because the brush isn't smooth so you may get imperfections which i hate jkfsdjlfsdlf. Even if the liner is very easy to remove with just water, it gets abit annoying when your eyes get teary because the liner will start getting smudged because it is very sensitive to the presence of water so don't buy this  if you're emotionally unstable :P Just kidding~ but it's definitely recommended not to wear this when you know you will cry. The formula is also thin so it dries quickly. Although the liner has several flaws, i like it and i use it on a daily basis unless i don't have time then i just grab my pencil :]

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