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Hey guys~!

I'm excited to say that i will be having a giveaway after i've finished my final exams to celebrate freedom and of course to share my happiness with just wait until then to enter ^^ Details will be coming later on~

I hope everyone is doing well~~ I'm doing okay but i have yet to start studying super hard but it'll'll come :]

I'm off to China and Korea in December so i will probably be sending everyone lots of overseas love :] Can't wait~ Tehee ^^ Anyways a few weeks ago i went to have dessert with my friend at San Churros.

Located in Westfield Chatswood Shopping Centre on level 6, San Churro is brimming with chocolate treats to tempt you away from your shopping or movie plans. Whether it's a quick break, or a long leisurely sojourn, stop by for a choc-fix that will leave you smiling.


Macaroons and could it go wrong!


I had the white macaroon which was raspberry and almond and it tasted was such a strange combo yet when put together...tasted so mouth-watering. It was also my first time in trying macaroons! I know...crazy huh hahah but they are so yummy and now i love them :3 My friend had the green macaroon which was pistachio and it tasted okay but my one was better :P

San Churros also has a line of chocolates which we couldn't leave behind~

The one with marbles was called Fire and Ice which was dark chocolate, mint and chilli...big surprise...we both had no idea and it was so spicey and plain strange! Pretty on the outside, deadly on the inside.

The love heart chocolate was called Avellana El Amor and it was milk chocolate and hazelnut tasted nice but too rich for me :O


We also ordered a milkshake called Cookie Cha Cha which was a shake with crushed cookies, white chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It was nice and not too sweet however i wanted the flavour to be abit more richer. The drink was pretty pricey was nothing special or amazing~ San Churros is pretty pricey so make sure to get the things that are actually worth the macaroon :]



Address Shop 609 - Level 6, Westfield Chatswood
1 Anderson Street
Chatswood, New South Wales
Australia 2067

Phone: 02 9412 2276

Opening Hours Sun-Wed 9am-9:30pm
Thu 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-10:30pm
Sun 10am-9:30pm


Riame xx

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