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Today the weather was humid and very uncomfortable. Didn't really want to do anything type of weather. However, i did do my nails today which i'll post up in one of my upcoming posts, i actually also recorded a tutorial for it but it won't upload on my computer which is very frustrating. Hopefully the computer will eventually resolve the problem itself otherwise all that for nothing~! >_< Anyways i have a review for Sana Collagen Lotion which i got from Sasa. ^^


Review: Sana Hadanomy Collagen Lotion

Sana HADANOMY Collagen Lotion, a gel-type toner, contains 2 kinds of collagen, making it sink deeply into skin in an easier way. The moisturizing effect is greater.
It delivers a light floral scent. Applied before sleep, it hydrates skin all night long. It preps skin for a make-up of closer fit on the following day.

Good Part:

♥ Light and not oily

♥ Citrisy smell

♥ Only need a small amount for the whole face

Bad Part:

♡ Hard to get out of bottle




Overall: 8/10

This lotion can be also used as a toner for people with dry skin but for me i have combination skin so i used it as a lotion. It's light, thin and watery. Only a small amount is needed for the whole face so this bottle can last for ages! The packaging is simple and cute. This has a citrus smell to it and leaves the skin feeling slightly sticky because of the collagen but it goes away after awhile. My only complaint would be how it is slightly hard to get out of the bottle but luckily it's watery so it's abit easier to get out. This would be great to use in Summer after washing your face :]

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