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Hi there!

The weather is again being very moody and raining for the past few days. It's been hot, cold and humid...which is driving me crazy! I really REALLY hate this weather and i hope it clears up by next week or i'm going to be having a very dull time at University. Anyways apart from that, i got my Sasa haul in the mail! I needed another bottle of Dariya Make on Mist but also bought Sana Face mist since that was what i originally wanted but it was out of stock back then.


What i bought:

-Dariya Make on Mist

-Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

-Nail tool (one that pushes cuticles back)

-Lipstick pen (free)


I had no idea what a lipstick pen was in the beginning since i thought it was like a lip pencil but after i received the item..i was like ohhh a pen...i get it...yes a very blond moment.. :/

Upcoming Posts: 

-Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss

-Missha The Style Beautiful Tint

-Random food pictures

-Food reviews

Riame xx

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