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Hello guys~

I've finished all my exams YAY!'s not the end,  i have more

important exams in about 5 weeks which i have to

study for. :(

2 weeks of holidays~ ...i holiday...

a holiday just for studying....wonderful.

Well enough of that hahah~ I recently

bought some things from

The site has a huge range of products, it's super

fun to navigate and it's reliable! Also the products

tend to be cheaper than what you can find in other

stores which is why i love it :]


Sasa Review:

What i ordered:

-BeautyMate Nano Mask Kochi Money Melon

-My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

-Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey Hair Mask

-Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask


Shipping:  9/10 Fast shipping all the way from Hong Kong

:]] Very happy~~


Packaging: 10/10 Wrapped really well and everything was safe.


Price: 9.5/10 Cheap compared to other stores which is a big

thumbs up :]]


Customer Service: 9/10 I didn't really ask for anything in

particular so i didn't get in contact with customer service but i'm

sure it is just as great as all the other services :]


Overall: 9.5/10 Will definitely buy more items when i have time...

love this site! Definitely a keeper ;)



Will review soon!

Riame xx

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