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Hey guys! I'm back!! So sorry i've neglected my blog for so long but i'm ready to start making posts again :D. I've been dying to buy a new watch since i've had mine for too long and it's starting to far apart...i've got like iron feet and hands so basically anything i wear...will far apart house slippers are already starting to break :3 oops.


Anyways i was looking at watches online and came across a few websites that had a variety of nice watches. Who doesn't love Marc Jacobs watches...i found a site called JulesB that not only sells watches but also other designer products and plus if you live in the UK, it is free delivery when it states it under the product :), it also includes international shipping and some of the sale products are definitely worth it, although international shipping may be alittle expensive for some countries, why not divide the shipping cost between a few of your's very handy.

 Rose Gold Blade Watch MBM3102

Loving the rose gold colour on this watch and the fact that the watch has 3 mini 'watches' in the middle, they usually either tell the date, month, second, year...i think. The rose gold stones placed at each hour give the watch a simple look replacing the numbers. It's unique yet similar to other watches and that's why it's such an attractive watch. You can find it on the website i linked above.


If you're from USA, Nordstrom is a great website to buy watches at decent prices and also the occasional free shipping They sell a variety of designer products just like JulesB but are more beneficial for USA residents as it contains free shipping every so often. International shipping is also available however shipping prices are unknown until you check out.

Gold....a classic colour and always in style. Michael Kors really knows what girls like in a watch.


Now for people like me located in Australia, don't worry! If shipping is too expensive, ASOS has occasional free international shipping and it also sells watches! Woopee~ Designer watches are not always affordable for everyone and honestly i would have to save abit to buy one however there are other watches out there for decent prices and also are attractive.

Image 1 of ASOS Gold and White Links Boyfriend Watch

This gold and white watch from ASOS is below $60 but still very cute, fashionable and completely worth it!

Image 1 of River Island Diamante Leather Watch

If leather bands are more your thing, this girly sweet River Island watch from ASOS is under $60 and is very pleasing to the eyes. It definitely caught my eyes.

Image 1 of Sekonda Brown Leather Watch

Prefer to play it simple? This Sekonda brown leather watch is the way to go. Oh yes and it's under $50. ^^

It doesn't matter what watch you get in the end, whether it is worth alot or alittle because they do just tell us the time right? Oh and also make our arms look more attractive. :P

Riame xx

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