Short Holiday

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Hi everyone! I hope everyone is going well :] Guess what! I'm on holidays for a week! YAY. It's a short time but any holiday is fine right now for me...i really need to catch up on everything! Uni has gone really fast...still feels like my first day...since i'm always wandering by myself :P but that's long as i have food on me, i don't feel lonely~ ^^ Anyways since it's the holidays, hopefully i'll be updating more often and doing more posts but still trying to figure out what to post first. Hmm~ I guess you'll have to find out :D


This was taken awhile ago when i did my hair half up and half down with a bow :] Oh and also i cut my hair...hahah~ it's not too short but my hair used to be really long and it isn't anymore. I'll be perming it myself tomorrow so i'll let everyone know how that goes as well as make a post on how to self perm your hair!

Riame xx

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