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Hi hi~

School has started for me and so far it hasn't

been too bad~ I've been very tired lately ~_~

Kids, try not to sleep in class~ hahah :]

So for this entry, i'll just be posting up two eyeshadow reviews

and will be getting back to doing my english speech...ew >~<


Review: Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad

in 03 Smokey Pink










Overall: 9/10 Love the colour combination it comes in. It's very

natural looking and these colours would make an amazing smokey

pink look. Also very pigmented! The colours seen on the pallet

is the same when applied to the skin as shown above. I hate

those eyeshadows that look really pretty in the pallet but when

applied to the skin, it comes out all glittery and faint >_>

The eyeshadow also has a mirror inside and it folds up! Super

handy :]




Review: Lancome Colour Design Eyeshadow Pallet





Pallet Colours:



-Colour Du Jour












Overall: 7.5/10 I'd just like to say that this is a strange colour

combination but that doesn't matter~

This pallet contains a copper, navy blue, white and pink eyeshadow.

All of them are quite pigmented as seen above and go on smoothly.

This is a good product but the colours don't appeal to me as

much as the Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Quad so it wasn't rated as

high. All of the colours have shimmer in them, even the matte navy



Riame xx

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