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Hii guys~~

Wow...this week has been hectic...

I've done 4 exams with 3 left to go...

Eaten more junk food then i ever had this year...

Broken out with big pimples that i haven't experienced

in ages!

Lack of sleep and just looking plain damn gross.

Ugh...the life of a student...during the exams!

Hopefully i start recovering after my last exam next

week or i think i won't be able to bear staring at my

face in the mirror...

Just wanted to share with guys a few pics of what

i've been up to~ I won't be doing reviews until after

my exams~




Trying to improve my skin with masks!

I'm using my all time favourite mask My Beauty Diary Mask in Strawberry Yoghurt!

The review is here:


My cuddly friend, Petal~ Super soft and an amazing bed companion ;) kkk so nice and warm at night ^^



Before i turned into an absolute mess! >~<


Some Kimchi Jigae with a bowl of rice is sooo good on cold days~ :P


Be back soonn~~ Riame xx

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