Super BB Cream Hot Pink

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Hello guys!

I'm back with a review on Super BB Cream Hot Pink

that i had for ages but never actually reviewed it :]

Also just to let everyone know, this BB cream has been

upgraded! The new 2010 one is called Hot Pink Super Plus

Beblesh Balm and there are quite a few changes now

including an authenticity sticker, new ingredients, different

pump and a smaller container with the same volume! wowow

For more info:


Sorry to disappoint everyone but i'm going to review the

old one hahaha :D

I might as well add, Australia is getting really coldd D:

even for Autumn...this Winter is definitely going to be

a veryy painful one. (Oh i hate you red noses

and electric statics and dry skin!)


Review: Super BB Cream Hot Pink (Old one)







Oops...I should have reviewed this earlier...then it wouldn't look

so dodgey because of the scratched BB >~<





Overall: 8/10 Quite a good bb cream that covers imperfections

without looking too overpowered. The formula is very similar to

the Oriental BB Cream as they are both from Skin79. It doesn't

smell as good as The Oriental though. This bb cream illuminates

your skin and makes it brighter and lighter. The formula isn't sticky,

is quite pleasant and feels light on the face which is a huge plus.

I hate that feeling when your face is about to melt off....ew. Only

weird thing i have realised is that sometimes when i apply the

cream on my skin, there is black stuff... sort of like when you

accidently rub eyeliner and it smudges. I have no idea if anyone

else has had this problem. It isn't too much of a big deal because

you can easier rub in it but it's still strange. Overall quite a nice bb

cream to use :]


Riame xx

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