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Hey guys!! It's Christmas soon!! I'll probably be doing my nails again this week with the theme of Christmas but at the moment i still haven't figured out exactly what i will do but i'll post up pictures as soon as they're done! Currently i have on rose and striped jewel nails which i'll do a NOTD post on it as usual. Today i'll just be doing a food review on Sushi Hotaru in The Galeries.


Review: Sushi Hotaru CBD


You will find unique sushi restaurant on level 1 The Galleries Victoria. Surrounded by fancy stores, Sushi Hotaru offers various elabrate Sushi at reasonable price. Many appetizing dishes on the long conveyor-belt, and you can also order your favourites through the iPad if you take table seat. Just pop in and enjoy after work or shopping.

BAP 0278

Atmosphere: 7.5/10 All i can say is BUSY BUSY BUSY well at least when i went....SO many people waiting for this place and even was crowded and seats were hard to get into.

Design: 7/10 I didn't really notice the decorations inside the restaurant since i was too busy staring at the sushi...but from what i looks very Japanese-y..more than the other ones i've been to.
Food Quality: 9/10 Yum!! Good quality food...and fresh and their karaage was so good but just too big so it was super filling.
Food Range: 8.5/10 Good range...just the right amount...not too many...not too little...
Service: 7.5/10 It was super busy so people were running in and out of the kitchen. Overall service wasn't too bad...i mean i didn't really need to ask for anything just water and they kept coming over to re-fill which was attentive.
Price: 9/10 Amazing price for the food you get...all sushi was $3 except for the large sashimi plates which is completely understandable. It's really worth the money from the range you get.
Overall: 8.5/10 Great place for sushi. I'm definitely going to go back. The food is worth every penny and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. ^_^
The Galeries Victoria RP1
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Open 7 days 11:30am - 9:00pm
Tel : 02-9264-9917
Just grabbed whatever i saw for my first plate. Didn't even realise the sauce had wasabi in it until i put it in my mouth....fairly tasty though apart from the...slight pain. Forgot what was inside but pretty sure it was just vegetables
Tempura prawn in a sushi never fails....always tasty
The karaage was really good! Except too big....i couldn't finish it all since i wanted to leave room for other things...this is best to be shared :]
Any sushi with cream cheese in the middle is my best friend. I LOVE that stuff in sushi and when i saw this baby...i grabbed at it like there was no tomorrow. WASN'T DISAPPOINTED.The top is grilled salmon
Still not too sure what this is...i think it was octopus..tasted good though
Soft Shell Crab. It was nice but not the best i've tried...actually i'm still waiting for the best one to come along since i've always been disappointed with soft shelled crab sushi so far. Maybe my expectations are too high.
The basic....basics are always good
This one was definitely octopus... it wasn't too bad
Good old salmon and avocado..
I didn't get to try this one but my friend said it tasted pretty good. Chocolate mochi...strawberries and marshmellows
I always wanted to try Sakura Mochi. To my surprise...i didn't like all. It was the combination of salty and sweet. The leaves were really salty...and had this strong smell that i just didn't like. Couldn't eat more than 3 bites. Oh well it was worth a try.
Hope you liked my review!
Riame xx

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