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Hey guys~~

I've been so busy lately...i'm really dying T_T

Everything has just been going so slowly and

i can't stand it anymore...only 4 months to go...

only 4 months to go until freedom....*sigh

Ok well enough about that~

Will be reviewing a restaurant i often go to which

i love :]



Review: Takeru Chatswood




Japanese restaurant that also is known for its touch screens! It's

similar to Wagaya but instead of having many small side dishes,

the dishes are more main courses and for one person. Price ranges

from around $10 to $20 depending on what you eat. You can also

buy half dishes which is exactly what they sound like, half the price,

half the amount of food, but not all of the dishes come in half dish.


Atmosphere: 9/10 I love it...especially on weekdays, it's nice and

quiet with a few people. On weekends, it's alot noisier and busy.


Design: 8/10 Also very Japanese style, nice and simple.


Food Quality9/10 I love the food here...it always tastes amazing.


Food Range8.5/10 My goal is to eat every single thing...there is

quite a large range of dishes that you can choose from!


Service: 9/10 Very good service on weekdays, the waiters

constantly come up asking if you'd like some more water but

on weekends, they tend to be less attentive. Once we ordered

water 5 times and they still didn't come and serve us any.


Price: 8.5/10 Reasonably cheap and nothing too expensive.


Overall9/10 I love Takeru. Do i need to say more? :]



Victoria Plaza
Shop 10, 369 Victoria Avenue 
Chatswood NSW 2067

Mon to Sun: Noon - 10pm

Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, EFTPos, Amex





Cold Noodle Chicken Nanban...this is so good *drools

Chicken nanban covered with sauce on top on cold ramen noodles

and a salad.


Pork Katsu Doria....basically it's like tomato rice, white cream sauce

topped with a pork katsu and melted cheese on top. Rich but delicious!!

One of my favourites~


Hehe :]


Riame xx

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