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Hi guys! Since i did my ASOS review last time, it's time for The Iconic review! I always saw advertisements for The Iconic on other websites but never clicked it until recently and man i have been missing out. The shoe range is amazing and some are so affordable especially when there's sales going on. :D Enjoyyy~ Oh yes and here is the link:


Review: The Iconic Online Store

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THE ICONIC, the latest destination for fashion and footwear. Providing an Australian lens on global trends, we source the best that Australian fashion has to offer, as well as bringing you all of your favourite international brands and coveted designers. 

Good Part:

♥ A huge variety of items, mostly shoes  
♥ Easy to navigate shop  
♥ Really good and secure packaging
♥ Good deals on shoes  
Bad Part:
♡ Only ships to AUS and NZ
What i ordered:

-Prima, I love Billy

-Angelina, Spurr

-Zast 2, Lipstik (IN SILVER)


Shipping: 9/10 Fast shipping! Nothing to complain about here. 


Packaging: 10/10 Really good packaging! Everything was safe and secure and just looked really tidy.


Quality: 8/10 Since it sells different brands on it's website, quality varies but for the shoes i got..they were pretty good although Angelina was made with very hard material so it was stiff and uncomfortable.


Price: 9/10 The shoes were on sale and i also had discounts so i was very happy with the prices, really affordable for a pair of pretty shoes :].


Customer Service: 8.5/10 They answered all my questions and it wasn't bad but could have been better since there was a delay in my refund, took like more then 2 weeks!


Overall: 9/10 I encountered a bit of a problem with The Iconic when i bought my first 2 pairs of shoes. I bought Angelina in size 6 but i swear it was like a size 4. Couldn't even fit my foot into it and neither could my mum and she's around 5-5.5. I was pretty disappointed since the shoes overall were nice but were made from hard materials so it was uncomfortable. I called to get a exchange for a bigger size but they had been all sold out so i just returned it with the free returns policy. I can understand why it took so long because the place had actually moved to a new location so all returns were shipped to that location instead thus the delay but it was still alittle frustrating when something that takes usually 2 days to ship took more than 2 weeks. My mum thought they weren't going to return the money but of course i didn't agree with that since it's a big online shop. Anyways apart from that, i've had good experiences with the shop and will shop again when sales come up which is more often than i can afford :P. The clothes are over-priced though, BUY THE SHOESSS. ^^ p.s Just be aware of the brand's sizes, i know if i ever buy from Spurr again, i'll make sure to go up 2 least.

Riame xx

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