The Oriental Gold BB cream

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Back with a review of The Oriental Gold BB cream by Skin79.

Still got 3 exams left :(

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Review: The Oriental Gold BB cream


Whitening/Wrinkle Improvement/

UV Interception SPF25 PA++

*The Oriental Shimmering BB Cream is a trendy pearly

BB cream which has a light, moist feeling and results in

bright, revitalized skin.

*The built-in brush enhances adhesion, making the skin

more clean and glowing through thin and even application.

*A unique blend of oriental tea ingredients, including

 White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea keep your skin

looking brighter and glossier.

*Two patented ingredients, Nano Vita Silk and Oriental

Tea Newplex, deliver effective components that make

healthy skin.









makeup 048 





Overall: 7.5/10 This BB cream definitely brightens and whitens my

skin when applied. It also makes my skin feel softer and dewy.

As you can see in the picture above, it has a shimmery pinkish

effect that illuminates the skin. The BB cream is quite similar

to Super BB Triple Functions as they are both from the same

company, Skin79. This BB cream smells way better though

:P. The pump is quite strange as i've never seen any cream

that oozes from the top where the hole is. It can get abit messy

if you ooze too much out so make sure to gently push the bottle.

The Oriental BB Cream is pretty good but i'm still Lioele Triple

Beyond Solution bias as that's my favourite :]]

Though i have to admit, i love how the BB cream includes a

mirror, lip and cheek colour as well as the cream itself, it's

really worth the price.





Overall: 9/10 Love the lip and cheek colour at the top! It's

very pigmented and a nice shade of rosy pink. It goes on

very smoothly and i just love the texture of it, not thick

or sticky. This definitely is a good bonus to the BB cream ^^


That's it for now~

First i have to finish trying all my My Beauty Diary Masks

since i bought 10 different kinds.


Until next time, Riame xx

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