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Review Day 7: Ultrasonic Lens Cleaner


I've read about this lens cleaner from other blogs and

everyone had said they were like magic! So i guess i had

to buy it and see for myself. Sadly i was abit disappointed on

the results.


After cleaning my lens, they would end up always sticking to

the top part of the basket case which was really annoying so i had

to constantly peel them off and secondly when i left the contacts in

the cleaner for like 3 minutes after washing them, they changed

shape..i have no idea why but it took a few days for the contacts

to get back to normal. Also another complaint was when i put the

contacts in, they didn't feel super comfortable like people had

described; my lens felt better after a good soak in multi-purpose

solution. This was the sad part of my experience with the cleaner

but i've only used it three times so i hope it improves after i use

it more often.

The good part of the cleaner is that it's super fast, super easy

to use/clean and cleans the contacts pretty well.

This review is only MY experience with the cleaner so if you

really want a good contact lens cleaner, then this would be

a good choice :]


It was bought off ebay for about $27 USD.

Overall: 7/10





Basket case for the contacts  

Feel free to ask me any questions on this!~ :]]


Riame xx

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