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Food...what would i do without you. It's been so long since i last cooked and i am dying to cook something new for my family :]. Holidays are coming up soon and i already have a list of things that i want to cook. YAY. I'm also having a baking craving :O. Anyways for today, this is my weekly food post!


Noggi! aka Frozen yogurt...really can't get enough of this stuff...my friend had original with peach, kiwi and strawberry while i had green tea with mochi, watermelon and strawberry.


Green Tea Latte at My Sweet Memory cafe. Nice and frothy~


Toms n Toms Frappuchinos in Green Tea, Caramel and Mint Chocolate.


Black bean noodles Jjajangmyun :]]


Noggi again with 3 different frozen yogurt flavours! Biscotti, pomegranate and original with passionfruit, strawberry, blueberry, mochi and oreos :]

Riame xx


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