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Hello there! I really need to start getting back on track since i haven't been keeping up with work. I will need this week to catch up on everything. I still have a few assessments due in June and then afterwards it'll be my final exams until the end of the semester, really can not wait until it's all over. As i said before, i bought a few items from awhile ago and here's my review on their site.


Yesstyle Review

What i ordered:

- Wool-Blend Hooded Coat in Dark Red

- Pointelle Sweater in Mustard Yellow

- Faux-Leather Lace-Up Boots in Khaki


Shipping: 6/10 It took ages since i had to wait 2 weeks for my boots to come into the warehouse and then for them to ship it to me but i knew i had to wait so it wasn't so bad. It took about 3 weeks to arrive.


Packaging: 9/10 Good packaging, everything was wrapped up well and the bag that came with the shoes is re-usable and also handy to use.


Price: 7.5/10 Everything is generally okay priced but it really depends on the items since you don't know what the material is like until it comes to you. The wool blend coat that i bought was not worth the price since the material was thin and bad quality and it wasn't cheap.


Quality of clothing: 7/10 This again really depends on what you buy. Most clothing from this site though is thin as it's from Asia so it's expected. The wool blend coat as i mentioned above was bad quality, thin and also very heavy because of the hood. The sweater i bought was normal but on the thin side. The shoes i bought were also okay but also the quality wasn't the best.


Customer Service: Didn't really ask them anything so i'm not sure. 


Overall: 7.5/10 i've never bought any clothes from online myself so i really wanted to try it. I don't think i'll buy any coats from this site again but i think the hoodies are worth it! I asked a friend to buy a hoodie from Yesstyle and i loved it. The site is trustworthy and unless your item is not in stock, shipping shouldn't take too long. You can navigate the site for HOURS since there is so much to go through. I won't be buying anything from this site for awhile but when i need a hoodie, this will be the place to go. I haven't bought any pants/skirts/shirts from Yesstyle yet so i can't say anything about those but i guess you may as well buy it for the experience.



Riame xx

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