DIY Problems

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Hey guys! Been getting into DIY things recently so i just wanted to share with you guys some creations i made. They can be so time consuming definitely takes alot of effort but handmade things are just that extra big more special than things that are bought.



They look pretty good at the front but on the sides, the clamps are not super straight. I had alot of difficulties with the first two as they were from scratch. The Mint one is actually really hard to wear by yourself. Handmade things really are not as easy as they look.



The flower headband was also extremely time consuming to make. I had so many problems at the start like the flowers not sticking properly, they were too big in the beginning so i had to cut them, didn't stick them close enough so there were gaps, couldn't cut the bottom so it stuck up and just SO MANY THINGS WENT WRONG. I spent so long on this flower headband and it's not even perfect. The back park is also uneven. The finish product is somewhat okay....a huge improvement to the beginning.


Just a picture of me wearing my flower headband. I hope despite all the bad things that happened, everyone gives DIY at least a go. I'll be posting up more DIY things soon. ^^

Riame xx

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