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I've made sure to include lots of reviews for the

upcoming blog entries :]

Today i have a review on a pair of falsies

from prettyandcute but i'm pretty sure they

aren't in stock anymore... :(

Similar ones can be found on their site though

under P&C false eyelashes.

Also my friends went to Japan and came back

with two magazines for me, Popteen and Ageha~

Yay :]]

I love Popteen <3 It's full of cuteness

I've included some mini pics of a few pages for you

guys to view.





Overall: 3.5/5 As much as i love prettyandcute, these eyelashes

weren't  the best but worth it for the cheap price. They were quite

hard so it hurt my eyelids and they were also hard to put on

because of the inflexibility. The finished look was not too bad

and they made my double eyelid look quite deep. That's the good

thing with false eyelashes, they made double eyelids more visible

or create double eyelids for those single eyelids :] Ignore my poor

makeup, it was just to make my eyes not look too plain.



 Popteen February 2011 and Ageha January 2011



 False Eyelashes



 Kumiko wearing Bambi Series (2nd pic): Chocolate



Ageha Makeup Tutorials (Green Model on the right is wearing Bambi

Series: Green Apple


This is the tutorial for the Green model~

1. I think it is base makeup (not sure)

2. Conceal under the eyes

3. Powder Foundation for coverage

4. Bronzer to shape the face

5. Highlight face

6. Eyebrow lining

7. Eyeliner for eyes

8. Eyeshadow for eyes

9. False Eyelashes

10. Eyeliner again to finish up the eyes

11. Conceal the lips

12. Lipstick

13. Lipgloss



Riame xx

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