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Hi Hi everyone :]


I've been busy with school/homework since it has piled up

due to my studious procrastinating attitude.

Yr 12 so far isn't too bad but i'm starting to feel

that the stress will hit me sooner or later...

So this entry will be about some of the random

lipgloss/lipstick i had lying around and i decided

to review them. :]

Oh gosh, while i was taking photos of one my lipsticks,

it fell creating a huge lipstick stain in my cream coloured

carpet. ARGH! Luckily my dad still doesn't know because

i cleaned it up as much as possible ^~^ hahah.

I'll make sure to include more lip stick/lipgloss reviews

in my upcoming entries :D


Lipstick/Lipgloss Reviews



Bare Lips



Girlfriend Freebie (Right one)~

Hahah don't judge! I'm sure everyone read Girlfriend before :P

I only decided to review this because of the baby pink colour.

Overall: 2.5/5 The reason why this had a low rating was because

-colour made me look 'i'm dying' sort of sick

-Bad consistency (too much  came out and it didn't really blend

into my lips)

-Colour faded quickly



Loreal Paris Jane Fonda in Jane Pink Beige~

This was the one that fell! I had to re-shape it

since the carpet dented my poor lipstick :(

Overall: 3.5/5 The colour is like a pinky nude shade

and it's pretty :] It also has a good amount of moisture

so it won't dry up your lips.



Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss No. 18~

I put on a layer of foundation on my lips

first to hide my lipcolour and then coated

it with the lip gloss.

Overall: 3.5/5 Good smell (like grapes) and also

very sparkly :D



Prestige Jetstream in JS-05 Sky~

Love love love this :]]

Overall: 4/5 Oh my gosh...i love this colour, it is sooo pretty

on the lips and also sparkly :] bad thing is that it is abit sticky

and is hard to get off because the tissue ends up sticking

to your lips D:



NYX Round Lipstick in Jupiter~

I love NYX Lipsticks, they go on so smoothly.

Overall: 3.5/5 I didn't even realise i hadn't applied enough

colour until i saw the photo where my original lip colour

was still showing. The colour is sort of a shimmery pink.



NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink~

Oh this colour is very pretty~~ tehee

Overall: 4/5 This colour is like a darkish peachy pink

that isn't shimmery like Jupiter. I like it better because

it is more natural. Plz ignore my uneven application,

i didn't even realise because it wasn't obvious without flash.




That's it for today BUT i'll make sure to include

more lipstick/gloss reviews including the Lioele Lip Tint (<3)


Riame xx

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