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Hi guys! I finally finished another long dragging assignment that i've been slaving at at night resulting in falling asleep almost everywhere in the daytime. However today i had the worst luck. My printer broke while my new ink cartridge was still inside and now i have to figure out how to print at uni. Bad luck always seems to come to me after something good happens. So frustrating! Maybe i'm just a black hole, everything good gets sucked away ^^. Oh well, despite that...i'm in a good mood yet i can hardly open my eyes without having to crinkle my forehead...sleep deprived. I'll be posting lots of updates this weekend so prepare! :]]. Also i've realised that i've grown more independent due to uni. My friend ditched me even when we were meant to have lunch once a week...after he couldn't come once, he never came again and i haven't spoken to him since. These things don't make me angry, just disappointed that they weren't a true friend. I also realised a difference between asian international guys and those that aren't. Although this does not apply to all of them, the pattern is present and i've just been over it. I've experienced it so many times that it's almost gullible. Many guys only talk to me to see if we can get into a relationship but when they realise i'm not interested, they stop talking immediately and then just ignore me. Are there none that just want to be friends? Maybe the ones that i've met have just been like that. That's probably why i only have a few guy friends and it's hard for me to open up to them. Only those that take the time to get to know me are worthy of being my friend :]. Just a few things here and there have made me slightly unwilling to socialise since i'm abit sick of all this but i've learnt to move on and forget those that forgot me.

Sorry for the long post, you may ignore it :]

Riame xx

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