BeautyMate Nano Mask Fukuoka Strawberry

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Back with a review of BeautyMate Strawberry Nano mask from ^^

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Review: BeautyMate Nano Mask Fukuoka Strawberry

BeautyMate is a unique beauty line developed by Shinkazu Nihhon

Manufacturing Company for the Asian women, combining years of

research and innovation.


BeautyMate Nano Mask, Fukuoka Strawberry is a Taiwanese

product manufactured with the newly imported nano technology.

Combined with a close-fitting mask cutting, the technology can

effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a

unique skin care experience.
Enriched with Vitamin C, it can effectively remove old cell tissues,

regenerate skin by providing abundance nutrients to your skin,

boosting skin moisture and restore balance.









The mask pictures i take are all so embarassing!!

Please ignore my terrible 'home' fashion....ughh


Overall: 9/10

-Smells yummy~ strong scent of strawberries!

-Abit watery when taken out of the package

-Face felt really hot after removing the mask but afterwards it cooled down

-After the mask, my face felt really nice, smooth and silky!

-Good product, will definitely buy it again ^^ and also cheap! What

a lovely combo hehe~ :]]


Riame xx

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