Birthday at Wagaya

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Hello guys!

I had quite a nice quiet 18th birthday but i don't really mind~

It's the final year of high school and plus i don't want to

be constantly reminded that i have already become an 'adult'. >_>

Still young inside and out :]

Anyways basically what i did for my birthday was go out to have

dinner at Wagaya, a Japanese restaurant in Haymarket, Sydney.

Of course you guys get to enjoy a few food pics that i took on the

day for this review :P


Review: Wagaya Haymarket

Pic originated from

since i wasn't able to take a photo of the sign!




Well...first of all...what is Wagaya~?

It's a Japanese restaurant that has touch screen menus where you

can click away as much as you desire. The menu includes many

small side dishes that you order like crazy to get full. Price ranges

from $4.90-$22.00 depending what you order. The atmosphere is

very busy and loud with dim lights and dark decorations to give off

that sophiscated aura. The restaurant has benches instead of

chairs where you can slide your bottom across :]


Atmosphere: 7/10 I would have actually been very relaxing if it

wasn't so busy all the time! Always busy, always booked...argh!


Design: 8/10 Pretty decorations. Very Japanese style which i like ;)


Food Quality: 7.5/10 Some of the food was nice and some were just

ok. Nothing amazing~


Food Range: 7.5/10 There actually wasn't as many choices as i

had expected. I thought there'd be alot more meat dishes and

rice/noodle dishes but sadly there were only a few. Dessert was

also limited. :(


Service: 8.5/10 Friendly waiters and also food came out really fast.

We were still ordering when our first few dishes came! One

complaint was i booked a reservation and it wasn't even on the list!

Luckily the waitress still led us to an empty table...which was

good service.


Price: 7/10 Price was ok, not cheap nor too expensive but serving

amounts were quite small so you had to order quite a few dishes

to get full.


Overall: 7.5/10 I'd go again if there are available spaces which

there usually isn't~ Wayy too busy...I don't understand why it's THAT

popular~ Food was good but nothing to die for~



Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St

Haymarket NSW 2000

Mon to Sun 5pm - 2am

(02) 9212 6068
(02) 9212 6040

Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, EFTPos

SMS reservations: 0416 200 223



Started off with the February Cocktail though i'm pretty sure

it was a mocktail. I liked how the drink looked so i ordered it

instead of my June one.

Drink tasted ok, it wasn't what i expected. I thought there would

be alot more strawberry goodness at the bottom but as you can see

it was basically white with just a teeny bit at the bottom.




King fish and Tuna Sashimi~

King fish tasted good but tuna was just so so. They cut it abit too thick~


Lotus Chips~ Yum! Crunchy like potato chips but instead it's with lotus.



Baby Abalone Sashimi~



Wagaya Steak~ Tender and juicy...but why didn't they give us more?! :P


Ramen (I forgot which one it was!) Rather oily and not enough

ingredients~ I think there was one piece of meat and half an egg.


Eel and cheese spring roll~ Rather strange combination~ Didn't taste

bad though~


Spider Roll~ Yummy!! :P


Dragon Roll~ Also nice but not as good as the Spider Roll


Dessert Combo 1. (I think it was no. 1, well there was only two choices)

-Green Tea mousse

-Black sesame ice cream

-Ichigo Daifuku (But instead the strawberry was on top and inside

was just red bean)

Black sesame ice cream was the best part~? ^~^ hahah the other two

were not too bad~



Of course you got to have a cake! Well two in my case.

85 degrees cakes! Yayy!


Strawberry Bubble~ Omg! This was amazing @_@ It's like

strawberry puree on the outside and inside is strawberry mousse on

top of a cake....*drool


Hokkaido Strawberry~ Abit dry but i don't mind, i mean they do call

it the japanese diet cake :]]


Anyways that's it from me~

Riame xx

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