China Pics Finally

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Hello everyone! :D

I'm finally able to show you guys the Shanghai Expo Photos from this year that i've mentioned continuously in my past blogs. There are also other photos from my trip that i'd thought you guys would like to see. Hope you enjoy ^^


Shanghai Expo

 Shanghai 143

Korean Pavilion

Shanghai 144

I think Thai Pavilion...i'm not even sure ><

Shanghai 145


Shanghai 151

 Indian Pavilion

Shanghai 156 

 I think Taiwan Pavilion

Shanghai 154

 Nepal Pavilion

Shanghai 159

 China Pavilion

Shanghai 160

 Inside the China Pavilion

Shanghai 161


Shanghai 162 


Shanghai 168


Shanghai 177

 England Pavilion

Shanghai 178

 Inside the England Pavilion

Shanghai 187

 Inside France Pavilion

Shanghai 188


Shanghai 045



Korean BBQ

Shanghai 046

 Cheap and delicious :]

Shanghai 047


Shanghai 048

 First time trying these Blood soo good

Shanghai 049


House of Barbie in Shanghai

Shanghai 056


Shanghai 057


Shanghai 058


Shanghai 059


Shanghai 061


Shanghai 062

 Super Expensive clothes

Shanghai 064


Shanghai 065


Shanghai 067

 Colour Changing Walls

Shanghai 068


Shanghai 069


Shanghai 070


Pho Sizzling

Shanghai 251

 This was an amazing vietnamese and french restaurant

Shanghai 252

 The Shops opposite the restaurant

Shanghai 254


Shanghai 255

 A million times better than Pepper Lunch.

Cheese and Chicken Rice where the plate is sizzling hot and

you mix the ingredients together. :P

Shanghai 256

 Beef PHO Yum!

Shanghai 257

 Tea and Watermelon drink (Watermelon balls in sparkling lemonage)



Shanghai 287

 Toffee Covered Fruit~ I don't know the name in English but it's sour

so it tastes really good with a sugar coating

Shanghai 309

Green Tea and Red Bean Cake...omnomnomn


Riame xx

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