First OOTD

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I'll be starting to post up OOTD pics from now on ^^

Still in assessment task week! Ugh....two more weeks

to go then it's holidays but not holidays for relaxing,

it will be a time for studying! Ugh D:

Well it can't be helped~ will study hard! :]]

I will continue to post articles on my blog




Plz ignore my messy room!! and also the paper on the ground...i can't

wear shoes in my room :P


What i'm wearing:

-Pink sweater dress from ESQ

-Buckle boots from Shanghai

-Black pantyhose

-Navy bike shorts (cuz i feel safer with these beneath my dress ><)


It has bows at the back heheh ^^


I made tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) awhile ago~ omnomnomn

so yummy :P


More nxt time!

Riame xx

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