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Finally...i've finished my exams...... but i don't feel that happy :(

Oh well....two months left to go until the whole thing ends

and then hopefully everything will be back to normal....hopefully..

Anyways enough of my mumbling..i've got a review today~ ^^


Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Firecracker



-With an improved formula incorporating Colour Protect Technology, Lasting Finish promises fresh, only-just-applied looking colour and an intense finish which delivers up to 25% more colour impact

-All this and it will last for up to eight hours without compromising on the legendary comfort of the original formula

-With a wide variety of impactful shades, you can choose the perfect colour to create the most striking look

-Intensity, smoothness and up to eight hours staying power – new Rimmel lasting finish lipstick truly has it all.







Flash                      No Flash                  After rubbing hard



Overall: 8/10 Quite a nice lipstick that lasts for a long time. The colour is like red with slight pinky tones which i like since i don't really suit red lipstick although i wanted something close to the colour. There is no smell (thank gosh!) and the formula is easy to apply giving a layer of rich colour although it isn't very moisturising. It also stays on for a long time and i had to rub my lips really hard to get rid of the colour so beware. It is also cheap and there is a wide variety of colours :] Does it really last up to 8 hours? Who knows...i haven't tried yet so it's up to you guys to experiment ^~^

Also i accidently twisted my lipstick onto the lid so there's a huge dent on top of the lipstick T_T Ugh...so guys don't worry~ nothing is wrong with the lipstick hahah


Riame xx

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