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Hey guys! It's New Years~ :]] I really hope this year will be better than last year since 2012 really wasn't the year that i most enjoyed. Maybe 2013 will be different! I actually did eventually do my nails for Christmas and i really wanted to film a video tutorial but i had to charge my video camera so in the end i just took step by step photos of it which i'll post up soon however it won't be much use since Christmass is already over. Oh well...sorry for not being on time but it could be useful for next year or if you just want random xmas nails ^^. Today i have a NOTD that i did before my Xmas nails so enjoy and hope you can try it out someday.





What i used:

Top photo-

-Maybelline Salon Manicure Protecting Top Coat

-Face of Australia Colour Pro Triple Action in 'Pink' (there was no name for the colour)

-China Glaze in 964 Cha Cha Cha

-Revlon Nail Polish in 115 Peach Petal

Bottom photo-

-Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Dazzling in 11 White Aura

-Gasiue's Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush in #GS-04 Sparkle Rose 

-Covergirl Boundless Colour in 500 White Night

-Eclipse Long Lasting Quick Dry in P06 Mystic Aqua

-Cutex 2 in 1 Base Coat




-Konad Template m65

-Konad Stamper

-Konad Scraper

-Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Nail Stone in Blue

-A nail dotting tool



Tip: In order to stamp two colours onto the nail, you have to put two colours onto the template so where there are leaves, i just dabbed some green polish while for the roses, i used pink and then you scrape it together but don't mix it. The green didn't turn out very well since thicker polishes work better with konad.


Tip: For the striped nails, all i did was draw two lines across my nail (it can be any angle) and outlined them with a rose gold polish that had a thin brush. Afterwards i used my dotting tool to pick up the tiny gems (using some clear nail polish) and placed two in the white area of my nail but you can put as many as you want as i put three on another nail.


Tada! Done~ Simple


Finished product. It's a very girly and cute NOTD. I love the rose look on nails since it gives off a vintage feel. I hope you guys liked it and try it out some day!

Riame xx

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