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Hey guys~ Sorry for the lack of updates~ I've been SUPER busy and i'll still continue to be super busy for awhile until i have finished my exams. I won't be posting any reviews until after i've finished my exams which will be on Nov 2 which is also the date when my giveaway ends. Check it out here if you still haven't: http://is2you.over-blog.com/article-riame-s-first-giveaway-84962273.html ^^ But after my exams...i have LOTS of reviews to make up for everything and also will start posting nail pics again since i haven't had any time to do my nails~! I hope you guys are patient :]]

Today~ I'll just be posting some food pics so don't get too hungry guys~ ^~^

sway 003

Black Sesame Ice Cream anyone?

More 3001

Omurice at Takeru 

More 3002 

Cookies and Cream from Gloria Jeans~~


Lychee, Green Tea and Pistacchio Ice cream omnomnom :P


Bibim Naengmyun from Tomato

grad 013

Dak Galguksu from Tomato (This was very yummy)

grad 014

Naengmyun at Tomato


Riame xx

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