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If i have people that still read my blog even though i don't post frequently, i would be completely surprised. I think most views are from searching on google and not actual readers but that doesn't really matter. I admit it is hard to find my blog considering it is on a european website instead of common websites such as blogspo or wordpress. As long as i still have people viewing my blog, i'm happy ^^. I just wanted to do an update of my recent purchases!



My purchases from IMATS Sydney 2013. Some of the lines were so long like the MAC one...i think i waited nearly an hour for that blush which is only a re-fill since the actual one was all sold out. Is it worth going? I think you must all go once to experience it! There are alot of bargains like the makeup brushes i got which were around $2-5 and of decent quality. I also got 3 glitter eyeliners since we don't really have them in Sydney... i mean it's not that popular. I also got 2 eyeshadows that are both very pigmented for i think $3-5 each.


My first JCs! So exciting :D :D :D. I got these from Fox Maiden which is located in Melbourne. They do preorders so basically you pay for it first and then they'll send out the shoes once it has arrived in the store. It takes around 2-3 weeks for the shoes to arrive but i didn't mind too much about waiting since they were sold out at Nasty Gal and Solestruck. These are called Thomb and they are chunky boots with cut outs on the side which reminds me of a soccer ball for some reason. They definitely are abit stiff in the beginning so you have to break into them, i recommend wearing them around the house for awhile and then afterwards it should be fine to wear outside without giving you blisters. It's actually really comfortable, just alittle stiff especially at the back. Overall i love them though!


I've been really liking snapbacks so i just bought a few from ebay. The left one is from Stylenanda and i actually haven't worn it out yet since it seems abit 'hardcore' with the spikes and all. Hopefully i'll have a chance in the future to wear it since it wasn't cheap. The middle one was from ebay and i've worn it alot of times, i prefer wearing it backwards. The right one is just my NY cap from China that i got ages ago. I also recently got one with smiley faces from ebay.


Went to like 4 different shops to find JAPANESE KIT KATS and finally found them but they were the big packets which were $20 each >_>. I bought it anyway since i really wanted to try them. These were located in the asian shop near Star Bar and at the Town Hall entrance/exit near the bar. I heard that the cookies and cream one tastes really good when it's frozen and it does! However green tea still beats it hands down. YUM! I'd love to try other flavours in the future. :]

That's it for now!!

Riame xx

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