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Hey guys~ I had quite a busy week so i'm really exhausted. Didn't even have any time to watch my dramas although i managed to fit in Captain America since i want to watch it before i go to watch The Avengers. Next up is Thor :D I also received my Yesstyle package! I'll review that soon. Anyways for today, i got this really cute diary from called So Cute~!! MINI MATE Diary Journal Planner Scheduler S2 since i like to use diaries/notepads to keep organised. I'll be using it next year since there's no year which i find really handy! You can find lots of other CUTE items here: I really love the products she sells and they are all from and made in Korea. I think my diary is sold out since i can't click on the link for it anymore but there are lots of other cute diaries and goodies!


It included:


-Diary Band

-Cover sheet



Delivery Service was slightly slow but still ok. However i thought the diary would be abit bigger since it wasn't cheap. Every page inside is decorated with the little character at the front where she's dressed in adorable clothes or doing weird poses which i love.


The stickers that you can stick inside! There's several pages for weekly planner, 'my life' section and a mini calendar. The 'my life' section is for sticking in photos of your friends and you and just general things you like.

Would i buy from her again? Yes yes i most definitely would. ^^

Cheap or expensive? Abit on the expensive side, the diary was $21 although it was free shipping.

Is it thick? Yes, it is reasonable thick.

Quick shipping? Abit slow but it came safely so i didn't mind!

Riame xx

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