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Hi everyone! If you guys have been reading my blog, you'll know that i permed my hair at home not too long ago however it wasn't very successful due to the hair rollers i used. Just wanted to post the process and the experience i had :]. The technique was effective, just not the rollers.


This is the perm i used! You can buy it from Priceline if you live in Australia or if you go to any good pharmacy, they'll have a perming system of some sort just like they have bleach and hair dye, it will be in that section. Always read the instructions!!


All packages will have instructions at the back or inside the box.

For me, i had the solution in my hair for around 10-15 mins and it's different for everyone's hair so make sure you know how long it's needed.


Package should include two bottles! Perm solution and also perm neutraliser. Perm solution is always applied first so don't get them mixed up.


1. Apply solution to the parts you want to get permed, do small sections of the hair so it doesnt get too messy and drip. Remember to wear gloves.

2. After you've applied the solution, roll your hair up with the hair rollers/rods you want to use and fasten them so they don't fall.

3. Optional: Wear a shower cap or wrap your head with cling wrap so the heat from your head is not lost and will help make your perms last longer.


5. Rinse thoroughly with the hair rollers/rods still in your hair to remove all the solution, rinsing time should take around 5-8 minutes with lukewarm water.

6. Blot dry the hair rollers/rods using a towel so it doesn't drip.

7. Apply neutraliser from the bottle and start from the back of the neck making sure each roller/rod is saturated several times.

8. Leave in for 5 minutes.

9. Remove rollers/rods gently and apply the remaining neutraliser, you may skip this step to step 10 if you already applied alot in the beginning like me. Note: Pay attention to the ends!

10. Leave in for a further 3 minutes.

11. Finally rinse very thoroughly. Note: I didn't wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner until maybe 2 days later but that's also optional.


The hair rollers i used made my hair unsuccessful! I was aiming for nice big curls and since hair rods didn't have big sizes, i decided to use my velcro hair big mistake. As you can see, the velcro rollers have tiny grooves and my hair was wrapped around that leading to tiny grooves in my hair instead of big curls! So basically my hair became frizzy however this did add volume and that was one of the main things i wanted to perm my hair again. Although sadly i didn't get big curls, the frizziness wasn't that bad but i was still slightly disappointed. A good thing about permed hair is that it can hold styles really easily, a secret technique i do is sleep with my hair in two buns and the next day, i get nice curls and it lasts all day since my hair is permed with alittle help from hairspray. If you want effective curls, you must use perming rods/rollers and not velcro ones! The best way to acheive big curls is not by perming but instead just using a curler.


Hehe, funny photo i took of my hair with the hair rollers! I didn't take any photos of my after hair since you can't really see the difference in photos, only in person.

Riame xx

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Comment on this post

Ruby Coleman 03/17/2016 06:37

Something worth being thankful for about permed hair is that it can hold styles truly effortlessly, a mystery strategy i do is lay down with my hair in two buns and the following day, i get pleasant twists and it keeps going throughout the day since my hair is permed with a little assistance from hairspray.

Riame 03/17/2016 10:52

That's a great trick! I also do that but I do it when I'm doing my makeup so after I'm done, it creates nice curls :) Riame xx

KellyObyrne 05/07/2015 06:28

Thank you for sharing your experience with us here. I always use hair roller for getting curls and most of the time I got good result. I don't know why you didn't get the desired result. Maybe it's because of the combination you used here.

Riame 05/09/2015 15:05

I think it was because my hair rollers were made out of velcro hence it didn't work properly. Riame x